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What to know when buying a small coffee roaster

Small coffee roasters can come in either electric or gas power types, just like the bigger, more commercial coffee roasters (although the larger you get, the more likely the roaster will be gas powered!). You just need to think about what’s more convenient to you. There isn’t necessarily an advantage of having gas over electric, especially when it’s with a 1kg small coffee roaster because with electric, you’re able to use your 230V plug. On the other hand, a 1kg coffee roaster requires a lot of heat initially to get it to temperature, which can often be easier when using a gas burner.

Consider the environment where you will roast, are you going to be in a commercial unit, or at home? If you’re starting out or buying a small coffee roaster because it’s your hobby, you’re probably going to be roasting at home, so have a think which of the fuel types is better for your environment.

Differences in roasters

What’s with the price difference?

Over the years of running our business, we’ve battled with the question around the prices of coffee roasters.

Though they’re intricate in design, you’re often presented with a large gap in prices. Some 10kg coffee roasters for example retail for £10,000 while others retail for £79,000, but what’s the real difference?

This is where our co-founder, Ellis, comes handy. With his background in engineering and eye for detail, we were able to understand why there is a large price gap and how we can enter into the market with a more cost-effective solution.