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A well roasted fable.

We’re proud to be from Lincolnshire, where we sipped our first coffee, burnt our first bean and celebrated our first roast, perfecting our craft as we grew; naturally we wanted our own coffee to be inspired by our home.

Many-a-great tale have been shared over a cup of the ‘dark brew’ and doubtless many more will still be told; to carry the heart of our homeland to the world, enjoy yourself a cup inspired by the folklores woven throughout these Seven Districts.

Single origin coffee beans.

Our coffee beans are all single origin and ethically sourced. We partner with our farmers to ensure they get the best deal for the work they’re putting in. Each single origin coffee we roast has been graded by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) to ensure we consistently deliver on quality.

When roasting our coffee beans, we go through a quality process where we test each roast until we’re extremely happy with the profile we identify.

Looks good, tastes good.

Drinking coffee is an experience which we wanted to add depth to. Each district of Lincolnshire has it’s own long and forgotten folklore. Each of our coffees holds the story of a district it’s been matched with. When profiling our roasts, we matched the notes to the uniqueness of each district to further add to the experience.

On receiving our bag of single origin coffees, you’ll find the folklore story on the back of the bag, as well as an illustration which represents that folklore. Dark, mysterious and intriguing.

The Seven Districts of Lincolnshire.

From the rolling hills of East Lindsey, to the vibrant city of Lincoln, these districts hold age-old folklore and beautiful heritage. By roasting our single origin coffee beans and profiling them to a district, we’re celebrating the history which Lincolnshire stands on.

Each folklore holds a mysterious and intriguing story which you can experience. Celebrate the history and enjoy a cup of the dark brew.

Great coffee you’ll love

We roast our coffee locally within the Seven Districts of Lincolnshire. All of our coffees are either fair trade or where possible, direct trade. Our mission is to celebrate our heritage by providing ethically sourced, high quality coffee beans which are carefully hand roasted to order.

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