Keep serving great coffee with our Espresso Machine Servicing

Servicing  your espresso machine is one of the most important things you can do to keep your coffee delicious and your machines running smoothly.

Our expert service engineers are qualified to work with multiple machines and setups, for service and repairs as well as installations.

Though baristas can absolutely take credit for the perfect latte or flat white,your espresso machine is the gateway to providing the highest quality coffee to your customers.  So, keeping your machine in tip-top performance really does make the difference and will be the defining point for a customer to say if they will return for a second cup or not.

Our services include Pressure Vessel Testing (PSSR), Front End Service, Full Service, Spare Parts, Machine Installation and Water Treatment Unit Changes.

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PSSR Inspections

A PSSR Inspection is required under the ‘Pressure Systems Safety Regulations, 2000’. The inspection, in essence, is to ensure that your steam boiler is safe and meets criteria in order to comply. Because this falls under UK law, if you don’t stay compliant, your insurance may become void and you could be liable for a civil lawsuit or criminal charges.

Staying compliant is easy, with the right help

To stay compliant, you need to do the following:

  • Have safe and suitable equipment with all repairs and faults fixed and carried out by a professional
  • Know the operating conditions of your espresso machine
  • Ensure you have suitable protective devices and ensure they work properly e.g. safety valves and pressure switches are adjusted to their correct settings
  • Carry out suitable maintenance
  • Provide the right training
  • Having your equipment examined
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Do you have the right equipment and know-how?

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Full Service

A full service of your espresso machine should be carried out every other year to ensure your machine is in the best working condition possible. During the full service, we examine your machine from top to bottom, removing limescale from the tank, testing and flushing the steam wands, replacing all perishable parts and making sure you’re pulling the perfect espresso.

Usually a full service is done off-site, but being the business we are with our own coffee shops, we know this can be quite disruptive, so we have a few options to ensure we work as efficiently as possible: 

Front End Service

The front end service is a slimmed down version of the full service, but is less disruptive. Due to its nature, it’s recommended to be carried out at least annually. Your espresso machine is constantly working, going through a lot of coffee every single day, so it’s important to show it some love.

This type of service looks at your steam wands, group heads and hot water outlets and will replace any wear and tear seals and other perishable parts in your machine. Our engineers will also look at your water filter to make sure you have the correct water for your machine.

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