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Different types of brewing equipment
Explore different ways of brewing

One of the most common things we get asked when exploring different brewing methods is ‘does it really make a difference?’.

Simply put, yes it does! Brewing in different ways produces ever so slightly different flavours of the coffee you’re brewing, and some coffees lend themselves better to espresso or Chemex or French Press.

You can pick up different brewing devices at low prices, so we always encourage our customers to give it a go and try them out for themselves!

Different types of roasts

Light, medium and dark

When brewing your coffee, it’s important to notice how the beans have been roasted. Roasting different profiles means you’ll get different flavours, so when we roast the beans for the first time, we’ll go through the process and record our findings. From there, we’ll be able to give the beans a coffee profile and replicate the roast to provide consistency.

An espresso for example will lend itself better to a medium, full bodied roast whereas a chemex will provide a beautiful cup when using a light or ginger roast.

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