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Are you looking for wholesale coffee suppliers? 

We love working with businesses and cafes alike who share our passion for quality, fresh and ethical coffee. If you are a food or drink business looking for a new coffee supplier in the UK, we’d love to see how we can help. Similarly, if you’re a business looking to fuel your workplace with quality coffee beans, we’d love to provide you a solution.

Why don’t you offer lots of different single origins?

Unlike the larger more commercialised wholesale coffee businesses found around the UK, we may not be able to offer a huge range of different coffee beans to choose from. But we see this as a good thing, because we have great relationships with our coffee farmers, we know the quality is at its best, meaning you’ll get fresh beans every time. This also doesn’t mean we can’t create bespoke blends, because we can, but we pride in perfecting carefully selected specialty coffee beans from different regions, rather than a large amount we can’t control.

How do we keep our beans consistent?

Every time we roast our coffee beans, we use intelligent software to control the quality of each roast. During the testing phases of our roasts, from the first time we receive a crop, we mark down the optimal roast time and process and ensure we stick to it. Meaning the beans you receive are of absolute quality. Our partners who deal directly with the crop farmers also have an intricate involvement from picking the beans to delivery, ensuring that through the entirety of the supply chain, quality breathes throughout.

We want to make sure every single cup which is served is the best it can be. That’s why we have in place the processes that we do. For our wholesales partners, our aim is to guarantee certain quality, likewise those in work places who want the best coffee to stay productive and motivated, you can count on us.

Can we supply commercial coffee machines?

For business or cafes looking for commercial coffee machines, we’d love to help provide what you need. We feel the pain of sourcing coffee machines, receiving quote after quote, which is why we keep things transparent with our process. Whether it’s a bean-to-cup or a commercial espresso machine, we always make sure the coffee machine you choose gets the most out of the coffee beans you’ll be getting from us.

How can I get my quote?

In order to receive your wholesale coffee quote, just fill out the form below. One of our team will be in touch to understand your needs and based on the information we get, we’ll produce your quote. 

Once you’re happy with the quote and the roasting process starts, you can look forward to your freshly roasted coffee to be delivered and start to offer your customers and employees incredible coffee. If there is a particular coffee you want supplied, let us know. If you’re unsure, take a look at what we’re currently roasting by visiting our online coffee shop.

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