A well roasted fable:
The story of Seven Districts Coffee

We believe the love of coffee is not just about enjoying a simple beverage – at its heart it’s about the communities built when stories are shared between friends old and new, over a delicious, quality coffee from a great source, all made with a good heart.


Our Community

We’re proud to be from Lincolnshire, where we sipped our first coffee, burnt our first bean and celebrated our first roast, perfecting our craft as we went.

Naturally we wanted our coffee to be inspired by our home – a place full of friends, family and a community that has continued to stand by us as we grow.

Today, we invite you to be part of a community that stretches far and wide across the country, joined by a love of great coffee, good stories and a fantastic people!

Seven Districts Barista

Our Stories

Many-a-great tale have been shared over a cup of the ‘dark brew’ and doubtless many more will still be told. To carry the heart of our homeland to the world, enjoy yourself a cup of speciality coffee, each carrying an ancient fable, woven throughout these Seven Districts.

Stories play a key role in who we are, they’re the heartbeat behind why we enjoy a good coffee together. 

Seven Districts Society

Our Quality Coffee

We believe the whole process of making your delicious coffee is ‘speciality’, not just when the coffee beans enter our roaster, but from the absolute start. This is why we take care in the entire process. From customers to cafes, we do our best to provide speciality coffee, it’s our passion.

‘Speciality coffee’ simply means that the beans we use have been graded by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) as some of the best in the world. You’ll be hard pressed to find a coffee as good as ours to fill your cup with. Find out more about the lengths we go to, to make sure you and the suppliers are getting the best possible.

Processing beds for green beans


“Absolutely fabulous coffee and fantastic delivery service! So obliging, Thank you! Also makes a great gift as it’s beautifully boxed too.”

Nicky C.