The Ancient Fables of Seven Districts

Lincolnshire is where we sipped our first coffee, burnt our first bean and celebrated our first roast, perfecting our craft as we grew; so, naturally we wanted our own hand-roasted speciality coffee to be inspired by the seven beautiful districts of our home.

Being an ancient county, Lincolnshire has it’s fair share of old tales and folklores, with many-a-great tale being shared over a cup of the ‘dark brew’ and doubtless many more still to be told it made sense to start by finding some of those closest to home for you to enjoy.

To keep the magic of storytelling alive, each and every one of our delicious speciality coffees carries an ancient fable, to continue the age-old tradition of sharing a story or two over a cup of this mysterious brew.

The Seven Districts Collection

Read our ancient folklores and fables

Blind Byard

Nanny Rutt

Tiddy Mun

King Canute

Old Mother Nightshade

The Lincoln Imp

The Great Bell

Beggar’s Bridge

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