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Ethiopia Coffee Bean Farm & Specialty Roaster Guide

Segera, Ethiopia

Segera washing station is owned by Daye Bensa Coffee Export, who own farms and washing stations around Southern Ethiopia. This particular washing station is located in the Segera kebele within the Bensa woreda of the Sidama zone. The washing station sits 1980masl and the coffee cherries are purchased from outgrowers with farms nearby. These outgrowers are typically small farmers with between 0.5 and 3 hectares of land which is managed organically with compost and is often grow within the native forest. There is a mix of varieties in the area, some of which are local landrace selections, but more commonly it is the 74158 variety, which is a selection from the Jimma research centre. This variety was selected from wild plants in the Metu-Bishari forest in the Illuababora zone in Western Ethiopia. 74160 is widely distributed varieties across Ethiopia and was selected for its resistance to CBD and high yield.

The coffee delivered to the segera washing station is pulped, fermented under water and then washed before being placed on raised beds to dry for around two weeks. At this site the team are very selective about cherry quality ensuring only the ripest are bought and make sure the coffee is dried slowly with a skin drying phase to start the process.

Ethiopia red cherries
Mustafa Abakeno owner of coffee farm in Ethiopia

Brewing our Ethiopia, Segera coffee

Brewing this single origin coffee is best as a pour over and comes with notes of earl grey, lemon, butter biscuits, sweet and floral with a juicy, lemon-like acidity.

Pour over recipe

Grind setting: coarse
Time: 6:00-6:30 minutes
Coffee to water ratio: 65g : 1L

Key information

Process: Washed
Varietal: Heirloom
Notes: Earl grey, lemon, butter biscuits, sweet and floral with a juicy, lemon-like acidity.
Elevation: 1980masl

Pour over brewing method

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