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Kenya Coffee Bean Farm & Specialty Roaster Guide

Embu, Kenya

Rianjagi Farmers Co-operative Society was registered in 1998, under the co-operative societies act. It is located in Embu municipality, Manyatta Sub-county in Embu County. The coffee farm Rianjagi AA, is surrounded by scenic highlands, South West of Mt. Kenya forest and is situated in an area famed for producing some of the worlds finest coffees.

The society has grown its membership from 565 in 1998 to 1958 by 2017 of whom 1411 are active members. The management committee comprises of five members i.e 4 Male and 1 Female as well as hiring 6 permanent staff and seasonal workers dependent during the high season.

Rianjagi FCS management committee are involved in making major decisions for the society as a whole. The conditions for coffee growing are near perfect, there is abundant rainfall throughout the year, with concentrated wet periods between March-June and October- December.

The average daily temperatures range from 100C to 260C with considerable cooling taking place at night. The water used at the station for fermenting and washing the coffee is drawn from the nearby rivers and is re-circulated during processing for conservation purposes.
After use, it is moved into soak pits away from water sources so that it does not pollute the area.

With an outstanding 88.75 cupping score, it’s proven to be a superb example of great speciality grade coffee.

Kenya Embu
Kenya Embu Drying

Brewing our Kenya, Embu coffee

Brewing this single origin coffee as an espresso comes with notes of blackcurrant, clementine, cola nuts and lychees, with a hint of ripe cherry tomatoes, a sparkling acidity and a really lively mouthfeel.

Espresso recipe

Dose: 17g
Time: 25-28 seconds
Yeild: 30g

Key information

Process: Washed
Varietal: SL28, SL34, RuiRu11 & Batian
Notes: Blackcurrant, clementine, cola nuts and lychees, with a hint of ripe cherry tomatoes.
Elevation: 1650-1800masl

Pulling an espresso
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