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Peru Coffee Bean Farm & Specialty Roaster Guide

Huabal, Cajamarca, Peru

This Cha Cha lot is a blend created by the team in Jaen, Cajamarca region in the north of Peru. The coffee comes from Huabal and Chirinos districts.

The producers that are part of our program in Peru deliver parchment to the warehouse in Jaen. Every single delivery goes through green analysis (defect counts, moisture content, ration parchment to green) and is roasted and cupped. Depending on the results of the several analysis, a price is offered to the producer.

Every single delivery, even the best lot scoring 88+ also have a small percentage of second grade (smaller or lighter beans). The second grade is separated from the first grade at the dry mill.

To be able to buy more from our the producers who are partnering with us in Jaen and to improve the price paid to them for the parchment, we decided to blend these few second-grade beans and offer them on our list as well as the micro lots produced.

The objective through the training given by agronomist Auber Terrones is to decrease the percentage of double grade to increase the volume of first grade produced per farmer. The prices will then go up and money can be reinvested in the farms to keep improving yields and quality season after season.

This lot is called after the city Chachapoyas which is the capital of the neighbouring Amazonas region. Near Chachapoyas you can find a site called Kuelap, also known as the northern Machu Picchu!

This is therefore a very interesting lot, offered at great value and that will be a great replacement for your current blends base.

Peru drying beds
Coffee farm in Peru

Brewing our Peru, Huabal, Cajamarca coffee

Brewing this single origin coffee as an espresso comes with notes of slow cooked fruits, grapefruit, caramel and biscuit with a heavy body.

Espresso recipe

Dose: 18g
Time: 28-30 seconds
Yeild: 40g

Key information

Process: Washed
Varietal: Mixed
Notes: Slow cooked fruits, grapefruit, caramel and biscuit with a heavy body.
Elevation: 1600-2000masl

Pulling an espresso
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