Lincoln Imp Fable

The Lincoln Imp

The Fable of the Lincoln Cathedral Imp

It all started amidst a terrible storm in the mid-14th century, when two mischievous imps were sent to make a nuisance of themselves with the growing churches across the UK.

Their first port-of-call was Chesterfield Parish Church, twisting the spire to annoy the clergy endlessly, dizzying any who would gaze up at it’s tiles.

However, mid-tinkering, a strong gust of wind blew them off-course, all the way to Lincoln, where they landed with a thud in the ancient cathedral. Being cantankerous twerps, the two imps smashed tables and chairs, heckling as they went, even having the audacity to trip the bishop.

They had a view to destroy almost everything including the church choir, when an angel arrived to deal with the two miscreants.

The angel ordered them to cease, but the pluckier of the two disobeyed, throwing rocks and insults and he sat mockingly, cross-legged, high atop a column. 

The angel, infuriated by their tenacity, turned the first imp to stone, which gave the cowardly imp enough time to escape, darting through smashed chairs and tables as it left.

Legend has it, that on a windy day you can hear the imp circling the cathedral looking for his partner-in-crime to travel on to cause more mayhem elsewhere.

As a warning to all Imps and ill-doers everywhere, the Imps’ stone likeness is to be found all across the country, from famous colleges to pubs and bars, as a symbol that good will always triumph over evil.

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