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Colombian CO2 Decaf
Seven Districts

Our Colombian Decaffeinated coffee uses the CO2 process in extracting caffeine from the beans, perfect for those who would rather not have a mild stimulant effect when drinking the cup of dark brew, without using chemicals.

The CO2 decaffeination process uses three components; coffee beans, carbonated water and pressure. The reason we use the CO2 method is because it's much friendlier to both the environment and our consumption than using a chemical method. The process of extracting caffeine from the beans using the CO2 method is below:

  1. Soak your coffee beans in water - this causes the beans to swell twice their size and allows the caffeine to dissolve into the water which is trapped in the bean
  2. Place the soaked beans in a large stainless steel extraction vessel, ensure they're tightly sealed.
  3. Use liquid CO2 to pump into the coffee beans at a high rate of pressure - 1,000 pounds per square inch, at a temperature of approximately 200 degrees F. This is called supercritical CO2.
  4. The supercritical CO2 then acts as a solvent, absorbing the caffeine from each bean. Each bean needs approximately 5-7 hours to rid of all caffeine.
  5. Once the beans are caffeine free, they're then removed, dried and roasted.

Grown at the foot of the Andes mountains, this coffee is high in citric acidity due to the fertile volcanic soil, providing lots of organic nutrients. A vibrant, lively and sweet taste mimics the qualities of North Kesteven.

Process: CO2
Varietal: Caturra, Typica, Bourbon

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