Nanny Rutt – Brazil


Recommended: Espresso
Origin: Brazil
Regions: Boa Esperança, Sul De Minas
Owners: Cléo and Hugo Brito
Process: Natural
Varietal: Topazio
Notes: Sweet orange and red cherry with a milk chocolate and sticky raisin body
Elevation: 980masl

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Brazilian Specialty Coffee 

Our Brazilian specialty coffee, Nanny Rutt, comes from Minas Gerais in Southeastern Brazil. The owners of the farm, Cléo and Hugo Brito, have an expertise and passion for producing beans in an environmentally and socially harmonious way - an ethos that has been passed down through their family for generations, resulting in a very special bean. 

Nanny Rutt is a naturally processed Topazio bean that we have roasted to a medium darkness. The sweet, fruity notes of plum and cherry along with an almond and rich dark chocolate body make this Brazilian single origin coffee so distinctive. These beautiful flavours make it the perfect coffee for espresso drinks but can also be enjoyed equally as much using percolation or filter methods such as V60 or French press.

Our Nanny Rutt Brazilian specialty coffee is available in three sizes (250g, 500g or 1kg) and can be purchased as whole beans or ground for Aeropress, cafetiere, espresso, moka pot or V60 to suit your preferred brewing method. To guarantee freshness, all our specialty coffee beans are ground on the day of dispatch and roasted no more than 5 days before an order is placed.

Nanny Rutt

A Fable from South Kesteven, Lincolnshire

Once upon a time, a beautiful young girl agreed to run away from her wicked parents with her one true love. They were to meet at the well in the woods at the strike of midnight. Thus, when evening came, she prepared her bags, climbed out of her bedroom window and started walking towards the woods. 

As she reached the edge of the ancient woods, she encountered an old woman wrapped in a worn and tattered shawl. 

The old woman warned her of the dangers of the wood at dark, of beastly animals and haunting noises, yet the young girl did not listen. She continued to tell her of the risk of meeting secretly with a man, however, she disregarded all of her warnings, bid her farewell and continued towards the well.

A while later, the girl arrived at the meeting place, a decrepit well in a clearing at the heart of the woods, but the man was nowhere to be seen. As the night drew in, she began to wonder if he would ever appear. She waited for many hours with no word from her love. It was evident that he had a change of heart and she would have to return to her home.

As she stumbled her way through the darkness, having lost her way, she saw a dimly lit cottage wherein stood the old woman, scowling at her from the doorway. It was then that she realised the hideousness of the old woman’s face. She ran, stumbling and tripping along the way until finally she fell beside the well, next to her lover’s cold, breathless body. The girl, her lover and the old woman were never seen or heard of again.