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The Pour-Over Collection


This is a simply beautiful collection of delicious coffees perfect for your pour-over set up – v60, Chemex, Kalita you name it, these coffees will sing and leave you looking for the next cup!

1 x King Canute (250g)
Gedeo, Ethiopia – Gorgeous bergamot, lemon custard, black currant, maple syrup sweetness, slick, juicy dark chocolate finish.

1 x Nanny Rutt (250g)
Ilicnea, Brazil – Delightfully rich plum and orange with praline and a milk chocolate finish

1 x Tiddy Mun (250g)
Huye Districts, Rwanda – Deeply fruity ripe fig, cherry, cocoa nibs and with a full and velvety toffee mouth-feel complemented by a rounded tangerine acidity

1 x Beggar’s Bridge (250g)
Embu, Kenya – Wonderfully light blackcurrant, clementine, cola nuts and lychees, hint of ripe cherry tomatoes, sparkling acidity and lively mouthfeel.

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