The Pour-Over Collection


This is a simply beautiful collection of delicious coffees perfect for your pour-over set up – v60, Chemex, Kalita you name it, these coffees will sing and leave you looking for the next cup!

1 x King Canute (250g)
Gedeo, Ethiopia – Gorgeous bergamot, lemon custard, black currant, maple syrup sweetness, slick, juicy dark chocolate finish.

1 x Nanny Rutt (250g)
Ilicnea, Brazil – Delightfully rich plum and orange with praline and a milk chocolate finish

1 x Tiddy Mun (250g)
Huye Districts, Rwanda – Deeply fruity ripe fig, cherry, cocoa nibs and with a full and velvety toffee mouth-feel complemented by a rounded tangerine acidity

1 x Beggar’s Bridge (250g)
Embu, Kenya – Wonderfully light blackcurrant, clementine, cola nuts and lychees, hint of ripe cherry tomatoes, sparkling acidity and lively mouthfeel.

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The Ultimate Coffee Gift Set

Finding the perfect gift set for any coffee lover can be a challenging exercise, which is why we've made it easy for you in this coffee gift set.

Taste speciality coffee at it’s finest, choose three of your own coffees from our speciality roasts. Together with your selected three bags of coffee comes the Seven Districts enamel mug and some caramel stroopwafels as extra treats.