Beggar’s Bridge – Kenya


Recommended: Espresso
Bean: Kenya
Regions: Embu, Manyatta Sub-County
Owners: Rianjagi AA : New
Process: Washed
Varietal: SL28, RUIRU11 SL34 & Batian
Notes: Blackcurrant, clementine, cola nuts and lychees, hint of ripe cherry tomatoes, sparkling acidity and lively mouthfeel.
Elevation: 1650 – 1800masl

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Kenyan Specialty Coffee

Our Kenyan specialty coffee, Beggar’s Bridge, has been sourced from the scenic highlands of the Embu municipality, Manyatta Sub-county in Embu County. This region has near perfect coffee growing conditions and is widely regarded as producing some of the world’s finest coffees.

Our Beggar’s Bridge Kenyan specialty coffee is made up of SL28 & 34 Ruiru11, Batian varietals which we roast to a medium darkness. We have worked very hard to produce a roast profile that we are incredibly proud of, resulting in a very special coffee and one quite unlike any of the others in our range. The fruity overtones of black currant, clementine and lychees are complemented by the sparkling acidity and lively mouthfeel of ripe cherry tomatoes. This versatile Kenyan specialty coffee is excellent for espresso, drip and filter, so if you enjoy a range of drinks this coffee is for you.  

Beggar’s Bridge Kenyan specialty coffee is available in three sizes (250g, 500g or 1kg) and can be purchased as whole beans or ground for Aeropress, cafetiere, espresso, moka pot or V60 to suit your preferred brewing method. To guarantee freshness, all our specialty coffee beans are ground on the day of dispatch and roasted no more than 5 days before an order is placed.