The Seven Districts Collection


Experience all 8 of our specialty grade coffees with this Seven Districts Collection. This collection has a range of washed and natural coffees from all across the world and is perfect as a gift for somebody who is an avid coffee drinker, or as a treat for yourself.

This Seven Districts Collection can be purchased as whole beans or ground for Aeropress, cafetiere, espresso, moka pot or V60 to suit your preferred brewing method. You’ll receive 250g of each of our 8 delicious specialty grade coffee including:

Blind Byard – Colombia 
King Canute – Ethiopia
Nanny Rutt – Brazil
Old Mother Nightshade – Peru
Gogmagog – Honduras
The Lincoln Imp – Blend – 50% Ethiopia, 25% Peru, 25% Honduras
Tiddy Mun – Rwanda
Beggar’s Bridge – Kenya

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