The Espresso Collection


This is an incredible collection of delicious coffees perfect for your next espresso.

1 x Old Mother Nightshade (250g)
Huabal, Peru – Deliciously slow cooked fruits, grapefruit, caramel and biscuit with a heavy body..

1 x Blind Byard (250g)
Monte Bonito, Colombia – Sweet mandarin, orange blossom, cane sugar and a caramel finish.

1 x Gogmagog (250g)
Honduras – Sweet juicy Orange and red currant jelly and peach ice tea.

1 x The Lincoln Imp (250g)
50% Ethiopia, 25% Peru & 25% Nicaragua – Gorgeous notes of almond, dark chocolate and dark cherry

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The Ultimate Coffee Gift Set

Finding the perfect gift set for any coffee lover can be a challenging exercise, which is why we've made it easy for you in this coffee gift set.

Taste speciality coffee at it’s finest, choose three of your own coffees from our speciality roasts. Together with your selected three bags of coffee comes the Seven Districts enamel mug and some caramel stroopwafels as extra treats.