Coffee cocktail recipes for cocktails at home

We’re chuffed to bits that it’s starting to get a bit warmer, sunnier and, dare we say it, hopeful out there at the moment. We’re sipping our steamy cappuccinos still, but definitely erring into cold brew territory when the sun dares to say hello. In the spirit of feeling a little brighter we’re getting in the mood for a coffee cocktail or two. Yes, you heard that right: your ground coffee beans pick me up don’t need to be in soft drink beverage form only! Get your coffee hit alongside the sparkle of your favourite liquor (alcoholic or non alcoholic) with our best coffee cocktail recipes. We’ll also link a few little pieces of kit which we think would make your drinks go down even smoother, and all the relevant cocktail ingredients to make your home cocktail party or cocktail bar experience even better. We’ll make sure that each one can be either an alcoholic cocktail or non alcoholic cocktail version (shortened to AlcF). 

Kit worth getting hold of

Before you get started, we really recommend stocking up on the following kit to make sure you have all you need to get the perfect coffee cocktail.

Shaker and Stirrer Set

Nearly all the recipes below require a shaker in some form. If you’re not already familiar with cocktail making, your cocktail shaker is what blends different flavours together, and is a pretty vital piece of kit. The set we’ve linked includes a shot measure and a stirrer, so we think it’s great value!

Martini glasses

If you want to get the true espresso martini experience, you’re definitely going to want the right glasses to go with your drink. Don’t just save them for martinis though, these will work great with any short cold beverage.

High ball glasses

If you’re trying out a Black or White Russian, or any form of longer drink, we really recommend a high ball glass for the task.

Full cocktail set (if you’re feeling fancy)

If you want to go that extra mile, you can even try out this great cocktail set that has everything you’ll need for pretty much any cocktail out there!

Ice cube tray

If you’re after something a bit jazzier, try out an ice cube tray that offers spheres as opposed to just cubes. We think a spherical ice cube would go brilliantly with both our Black and White Russian recipes below. 

Cocktail trolley

If you’re getting serious, then nothing says ‘I know what I’m doing’ than a gold cocktail tray. Layer out all your ingredients and kit, and even display a bag of beans to show off how well you combine cocktails and coffee!


All kitted out? Excellent! Time to crack on with your cocktail making. We’ve kept the options varied, from cosy and wintery to sparkling and summer ready, but the one thing they all have in common is making the most of a good ground whole bean roast. Enjoy!

Coffee liqueur with fresh coffee recipe 

You’ll find quite a few references to coffee liqueur in the recipes below, and while it’s easy enough to buy it pre-made, why not go the whole way and make it yourself? That way you’re getting your Seven Districts Whole Beans (  in at every opportunity you can: and who can say no to that?


200g whole coffee beans 

750ml brandy, or other preferred spirit with a caramel/sweet flavour to it

200g Demerara sugar (optional)


In a substantial food processor, grind your beans until they are breaking on the surface a little. 

Pour your beans into a suitable sealable jar. These ones LINK will do nicely. Top up with your brandy or preferred spirit and leave to rest and infuse for 24 hours, giving it a good shake then leaving for another 24. Afterwards, strain out the beans entirely.

If you want to add sweetness, make a sugar syrup by heating your sugar in a pan with two cups of water over a medium heat until dissolved. Once thoroughly cooked, add this to your sealable bottle and leave for another 24 hours in the fridge to cool. Once you’ve done this, you’re good to go!

Espresso Martini Recipe

Nothing can quite match the espresso martini for combining a strong coffee hit and the punchy blend of vodka and coffee liqueur. This is a great one to start a cocktail evening as it gives you the decadent liqueur you’re after alongside giving you plenty of caffeine energy to for a few hours! Just perhaps don’t end the night on this one if you want to get some sleep! 



First, brew your espresso ready. You can use a variety of methods here, from your machine to a french press. Make sure you pop your glasses in the fridge to chill them ready. 

Next, make your sugar syrup if you haven’t pre-bought. Heat your sugar in a small pan over a medium heat with 50ml of water. Cook until dissolved (watch vigilantly as it can easily burn) then leave to cool completely.

In a shaker, add a tbsp of your syrup, your vodka (Alc or AlcF), coffee liqueur if using, and espresso. Shake for at least 30 seconds. Strain into your martini glass, and dot a few espresso beans on the top for decoration if you fancy. Just make sure to not swallow them when you sip! 

Fizzy Black Russian

If you’re less into your sour flavours and fancy something sweet, the Black Russian might be the one for you. Combining fizzy cola, coffee liqueur and vodka, this sweet but certainly naughty cocktail will start the night off with a bang (and a fizz). 


50ml vodka (or AlcF vodka)

25ml coffee liqueur 

50ml coca cola (or more if you want it sweeter/weaker)


Simply add your vodka and coffee liqueur to a shaker and get shaking. Once the outside feels cool, tip this into a glass with ice, and top up with Coca Cola, adding more if it’s what you’re craving.

White Russian

If you like the thought of a Black Russian but are after something less glitzy and more cosy, the cream laden cousin of the former is right up your alley. Equally simple but less suave and more cosy. 


30ml coffee liqueur

60ml vodka (or AlcF vodka)

15ml single cream 


As with the Black Russian, add your coffee liqueur and vodka into a cocktail shaker, shaking until the outside feels cold. Once finished, pour over ice and add a slug of single cream. Sip slowly!

Irish Coffee

If you’re wanting an indulgent tipple to go with a decadent pudding or as a stand-alone, an Irish Coffee won’t put you too far wrong. Combining Bailey’s, cream, and freshly made ground coffee, this is a delicious treat.


30ml double cream, whipped (or more if you want it seriously creamy)

50ml Baileys / AlcF Bailey’s

150ml freshly brewed coffee

1 tbsp demerara sugar 


Brew your coffee ready. There are a variety of methods you might try for this, from espresso machine americano to cafetière and aero press LINK. For this recipe we really rate the aeropress for its speed, plus, it doesn’t half look professional alongside your other cocktail items! 

Don’t leave the coffee to cool with this one. Add it to a glass with your Bailey’s and sugar and let the sugar dissolve.

Top this with your whipped double cream and sprinkle a bit more sugar on top if you’re feeling fancy. Sip your glorious drink through the cream for the real experience. Delightful!

Spicy iced coffee

If the weather feels on the warm side and you’re in the mood for an iced cup of jo, you might like to try this naughty version of a cold brew. We like to think that it nods towards a cooler climate, but has the feeling of warmer climbs on their way. 


200ml cold brew

25ml coffee liqueur

One shot of disaronno (omit for AlcF)

1 tbsp single cream

Cinnamon for taste 


First, ensure you’ve brewed up your coffee. We have a great article which explores the best way to getting a great cold brew

Shake up your coffee liqueur and disaronno in a cocktail shaker, and strain into your cold brew, waiting in an ice filled tumbler. Top with single cream and a dash of cinnamon to stir through. Delicious!

Brazilian Iced Coffee

For a recipe that seriously yells summer is coming, this one is your bet. Think coconut, sweetness, and a good old kick of rum.


100ml cold brew

50ml dark rum

50ml coconut rum 

1 tbsp condensed milk

1 tsp of chili, if you feel wild 


First, as with the previous recipe, get yourself cold brew nicely prepared using our recipe

Now, add your coffee, condensed milk, dark rum and cold rum to your cocktail shaker. Shake generously until your shaker feels cold on the outside.

Strain into a glass filled with ice, and sprinkle a small amount of chilli to give it a serious kick. Delicious!

Get sipping!

That’s all for now folks. We think there’s plenty to be getting on with there! You’re covered whatever the weather, company (soon, anyway) and whatever the occasion. Just beware that these taste so good, you might want to try just a few at a time unless you’re going for the teetoal variations. Make sure to tag us on social media if you have a try at any of these, or if you can recommend a great recipe. We’re all ears. Happy sipping!

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