The Cafetiere grind

There’s nothing quite like the smell of coffee in the morning. Studies show that the smell of coffee alone is enough to boost your productivity for the day. But, for most of us, it’s important that the taste complements the smell as well.

Here at Seven Districts Coffee, we understand that you value the ability to have great tasting coffee from home. And let’s face it: Instant coffee isn’t making the cut anymore.

This is where cafetiere coffee comes in. If you’ve ever used a cafetiere, or French press, before, you know it’s a smooth way to make coffee from the comfort of your home.

And the best part? It tastes like luxury without breaking your bank.

We’re here to tell you more about brewing coffee with a cafetiere and the specific grinds you should use. Read on to become an expert on cafetiere coffee. 

Cafetiere Pot

What grind size do I need for a cafetiere?

A cafetiere grind is a coarse grind, which is usually difficult to find as a pre-ground option. When this is the case, it’s advised that you keep beans at home and grind your coffee beans with a coffee grinder to make sure that the texture is coarse enough. You can use burr grinders or blade grinders for this task.

But, the great thing about this grind is that there’s no need to worry about the grind size being a fine grind. And, there’s no need to purchase coffee beans and make a coarser grind yourself.

All of our speciality coffees are available ground for cafetier, specifically made to be medium coarse – perfect for a french press.

Wilfa Svart Grinder Gallery 2

Wilfa Classic Aroma Coffee Grinder


Benefits of French Press coffee

There are a lot of reasons why french press coffee can benefit your overall tasting experience. Let’s run through the top three benefits of cafetiere coffee.

1. An Unfiltered Taste

Most coffee filters strip the coffee grind of its rich taste. This happens because the oils in the grounds are absorbed by the filter paper. There’s no paper filter in a french press, meaning that you’ll experience a deep, uninterrupted flavour.

2. Saturated Flavour

Another benefit is the fact that your coffee grounds are saturated with a cafetiere. When the brew time for coffee is longer, as it is with a french press or cafetiere, the flavour is bolder.

3. Authentic, Coffee Shop Style Experience

One of the most luxurious benefits to using a french press? You get to drink high-quality coffee from the comfort of your home. It’s authentic because you feel like the coffee came from a cosy coffee shop.

French Press Pour

How to use a cafetiere

If you’re wondering how to use a cafetiere then you’re in luck. We’ve already written a guide so that once you have the right kind of grinds you can get started making delicious luxury coffee. Read this blog: How to Use a French Press. It will give you a step-by-step guide for how to make coffee with a french press so that you achieve the best flavour.

You’ll still use hot water with this brewing method, but it takes a bit longer. Don’t worry, using a cafetiere is easy and delicious.

How Much Caffeine Per Scoop

The amount of caffeine per scoop depends on the type of grind you choose. Seven Districts makes a variety of roasts sourced from several different places. Typically, there is about 95 mg of caffeine in one cup of coffee.

If you’re wondering if this caffeine per scoop is different from when you use an espresso machine, we’ve got an answer for that. Espresso machines make concentrated cups of caffeine. So, it might still be 95 mg of caffeine, but it will feel like more.

Seven Districts Coffee

Other things to know

There are a couple more key things to cover before you can get started making (and drinking!) your cafetiere coffee. Let’s go over how to store grinds and how long your grinds will last.

How to Store Grinds

We’ve also written a blog article titled: How to Store Your Coffee. Read this to get all the details you need in order to properly store your grinds. This will benefit you because the better you store them, the longer they’ll last.

How Long Grounds Lasts

There should be an expiration date on your bag of coffee grounds. Once you open the bag, your coffee grounds should last about 3-5 months in the pantry.

Regions Each Type of Seven Districts Grind Is Sourced

Since there’s a cafetiere grind for all of our coffee, we’ll give you a quick summary of each one. We don’t have Turkish coffee, but our grinds are sourced from every other prime coffee location. Let’s go over where each grind is sourced and what you can expect from its body.

Old Mother Nightshade

Old Mother Nightshade is sourced from Peru. This blend has intense notes with a heavy body.

King Canute

King Canute is directly sourced from a single origin farmer in Ethiopia. This blend is bold with a sweet almond cream and dark chocolate body.

Blind Byard

Blind Byard is sourced from Colombia. It has a smooth milk chocolate body.

The Great Bell

The Great Bell is sourced from Nicaragua. It has a velvety hazelnut spread mouthfeel.

The Lincoln Imp

The Lincoln Imp is a blend. It’s made up of 50% Ethiopia, 25% Peru, and 25% Nicaragua.

Nanny Rutt

Nanny Rutt is a single-origin sourced from Brazil. It has a sweet milk chocolate finish.

Tiddy Mun

Tiddy Mun is sourced from Rwanda. It has a velvety, toffee mouthfeel with a bit of tangerine acidity.

Seven Districts Decaf

Our Decaf is a mixed central american blend, one from Honduras and one from Huehuetenango in Guatemala, with flavours of cherry, plums and dark chocolate.

Choose Seven Districts Coffee to Make Your Cafetiere Dreams Come True

Now that you know everything about cafetiere coffee grind, it’s time to enjoy some luxury coffee. But before you can start pouring your boiled water, you need to purchase your choice of Seven Districts coffee.

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