What are the advantages of buying whole bean coffee over ground coffee?

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Whole bean coffee has many more advantages than ground coffee when it comes to freshness. Coffee starts deteriorating the moment you grind it, so the longer you take to drink it after grinding, your brew will start to taste worse. The best way to enjoy whole bean coffee is to buy small batches at a time and only grind what you need at the moment. This ensures the freshest coffee possible without wasting any of your hard earned money.

Besides freshness, there are a few other advantages to buying wholebean over ground coffee. Most machines that make brewed coffee need the beans to be grounded fine enough for a filter to catch all the sediment. If you use a French press for instance, it needs coarsely ground coffee. Using wholebean will ensure that your end product is exactly what you expect.

In addition, if you grind your own beans then you have total control over how much gets made and when. This can save money by not wasting any of your coffee while getting the exact amount every time without guessing measurements or even leaving some in the grinder from yesterday’s pot sitting out overnight and losing flavour.

So before you run off and buy more pre-ground coffee, think about the benefits of buying whole bean instead. You’ll be enjoying a fresher cup week after week without having to worry about your coffee going bad. In addition to this, you’ll have more control over the quality of your brew.

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Is pre ground coffee as fresh as grinding it myself?

The short answer is no, it won’t be as fresh because the longer you leave ground coffee in that form, the quicker it becomes stale as it oxidises quicker. The easiest way to tell if your pre-ground coffee is still “fresh” is by smelling it – if you can smell an aroma before opening the container or bag, then there’s no doubt that it’s freshly ground. If there is no smell coming off whatsoever or if all you smell is the plastic packaging, then chances are that your coffee beans have gone stale and should be used sooner rather than later.

The taste of a cup of coffee depends on the blend and method of preparation. If you know your way around a kitchen, you can make a decent cup of coffee with a blade grinder – but it won’t be as good as if you bought whole beans and ground them yourself.

While some may think grinding their own beans takes a lot of work or too much time, there is an alternative for those who don’t want to grind every time they make a pot. Burr mill coffee grinders (like these) allow you to grind your wholebean coffee with no effort at all and still gives you the same control as doing it by hand. They’re very easy to use and most only take seconds before they were perfectly ground for your cup o’ joe.

Lastly, another benefit of buying wholebean over ground is that it allows you to experiment, more easily, with different brew types. One brew type you may not have experimented much with in the past is cold brew, and it’s surprisingly easy – so get ready, Summer, we’re going to brew up a storm!

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In conclusion, when it comes to coffee, you’re better off buying whole bean coffee over ground coffee because you control the grind and the quality of beans that go into your cup. You want fresh beans that have been roasted within a week or so, and storing whole beans in a well-sealed container is the best way to do this.

Grinding causes oxidation which causes flavor degradation in less than a week’s time. Also, grinding at home without a high-quality grinder will not produce an optimal consistency in particle size for flavor extraction in a drip brewer. If you don’t mind paying more for better tasting coffee from specialty stores then buy whole bean coffee . However if you insist on staying with pre-ground coffee then I suggest that you allow the coffee to rest for a day after grinding and store it in an airtight container in the freezer to maintain freshness.

So spread the word! Tell everyone you know what the advantages are of buying whole bean coffee!

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