Learn how to use an AeroPress

Aeropress Pour

What is an Aeropress and how do I brew with it?

An AeroPress is a brewing method which combines a French Press, Pour Over and Espresso. We’ll explain why below, but first, follow the simple instructions outlined below in order to perfect your AeroPress brewing skills.

  1. Grind your coffee beans to a fine consistency
  2. Boil your water and weigh out 15-18 grams of ground coffee (depending on the strength you like it)
  3. Add your AeroPress filter paper to the detachable cap
  4. Use some of the hot water to wet the paper filter and cap. This helps the filter adhere to the cap, whilst warming up your AeroPress vessel
  5. Assemble your AeroPress. Make sure the entire assembly is dry, as excess moisture can compromise the device’s seal
  6. Place your AeroPress on a scale with the flared end facing upward, then zero your weighing scales. 
  7. Pour in your ground coffee, just be careful not to spill any in the ring shaped gutter in the process
  8. Start your timer and add twice the weight of water to your coffee e.g. if you have 30 grams of coffee, add 60 grams of water. Your water should be around 93°
  9. Make sure the coffee is evenly distributed in your AeroPress, tamping slightly with the wooden paddle or butter knife if necessary, and let it sit for 30 seconds
  10. Use the remainder of your hot water to fill the chamber
  11. After a minute has lapsed, using your wooden paddle stir the coffee grounds 10 times to agitate 
  12. Fasten the cap, ensuring it fits in the grooves tightly and securely. Flip your AeroPress over and place over your cup and begin to press giving downward pressure on the plunger. If the press is too easy, the grounds are too coarse, if the pressure is too much, the grounds are too fine.
  13. As soon as you hear a hissing sound, your coffee has been fully brewed and is ready to enjoy
  14. Unscrew the cap, pop out the condensed puck of coffee into a bowl ready to dispose

What kind of grind should I use with an Aeropress?

When brewing your AeroPress coffee, you want your coffee to be a similar size to fine sea-salt. Depending on which grinder you have, you can use the settings to adjust your grind and get the perfect consistency. If you are using a blade grinder, you can always keep pulsing your grind in order to get the right level of consistency.  

If your coffee is too coarse, it won’t brew properly. It will also be too easy when plunging your AeroPress, meaning the finishing brew will be very weak.

On the other hand, if you use pre-ground coffee which is too fine, the resistance can be too much, causing the filter paper to rip or simply damaging your AeroPress.

Where can I buy an Aeropress?

You can buy your shiny new AeroPress from us. If you’re looking elsewhere, when buying your AeroPress, make sure you stick to a reputable company. We always use Aerobie when purchasing our AeroPress devices. Aerobie are the market leaders when it comes to AeroPress, and the price is not expensive, so we recommend you purchase there.

What kind of coffee should I use?

The type of coffee you decide to use in your AeroPress is entirely up to you, it’s down to your personal preference. However, there are some coffees which lend themselves toward a certain brewing method more than others. When using an AeroPress, we like to have a medium to dark roast. 

Using the AeroPress brewing method with a slightly darker roast like our Ethiopian (King Canute), allows the flavour of the coffee to intensify. An AeroPress is much more toward to espresso type of coffee, producing a smaller amount of coffee in your cup than filter coffee or pour over coffee. 

If you like a more intense flavour of coffee then using the AeroPress coffee maker could be a great brewing method for your home coffee.

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