The V60 grind

At Seven Districts, we have a slight obsession with the Hario V60 (available here!) – it might sound like a 90’s boy band that you’ve never heard of, but it’s something you’re going to want in your coffee repertoire.

A revolutionary conical dripper, the V60 gives you exacting coffee with little effort: perfect for those just dipping their toes into the world of brewing methods. 

V60 Ground Coffee

What grind size do I need?

So, how should the grind look for a V60? Firstly, for this brew, we want a medium course texture for our coffee beans, which should have the texture of sea salt.

Finer grinds and medium fine grinds are best reserved for espresso brews. As we need the courser end of the grind spectrum, a handheld coffee grinder like a burr grinder will do the trick, as we’re not worried about getting an explicitly fine grind.

Once you have your ground coffee at the perfect texture, it’s time to get your V60 ready!

V60 Ground Coffee

Hario Mini Mill and Coffee Grinder


How to use a V60

Brewing with a v60 is incredibly simple. Firstly, add your filter paper to the cup section of the V60 making sure to rinse the filter first to avoid a papery taste.

Add your ready ground coffee (making sure the scale reads around 15g per cup) to the top and pour over with hot water at a brew ratio of 1:15.

The length of brew time is very dependent on the size of your v60 – a single cup brew will take around 2 minutes, give or take a minute either side, which can be multiplied for each cup. You’ll be looking at around 145mg of caffeine per cup. 

With the simplicity of this coffee brewing method in mind, we think you can afford to think a little more in depth about getting the perfect coffee beans to draw out the most delicious flavours – our Tiddy Mun works a treat as a pour over coffee, you’ll definitely enjoy using your V60.

Transparent black v60

Hario V60 coffee dripper – black


How to store your coffee

Store any leftovers in an airtight container in a cool dark place. It’ll last in best condition for around 2-3 weeks, but is still usable if kept well for a few months.

For more on storage, read our in depth article here.

Coffee bag production

Speciality coffee for your V60

Grinding the coffee yourself sound a bit much, but still want to use your shiny new v60 and live up to its potential? No problem. Our Old Mother Nightshade (Peru), King Canute (Ethiopia) , Blind Byard (Colombia) , Great Bell (Nicaragua), Lincoln Imp (Ethiopia, Peru, Nicaragua), Nanny Rutt (Brazil), Tiddy Munn (Rwanda) and Decaf Blend are all available ready ground for v60. 

If you’re after a step up with your brewing, or something with a different grind size, check our our AeroPress or french press guides. 

Whether you want to try the whole thing yourself, or just fancy a new bit of kit, the v60 is a great place to start.