Brew your coffee and enjoy these tasty accompaniments

Coffee sometimes needs a companion

Sometimes it feels like coffee would be best served on a drip. Sometimes you just need a shot of espresso on the run in between the busy work day or school run to fuel you for another few hours. But at festive times of year, you’re more likely to want to brew your coffee with something special on the side. We’re here to share desserts that go well with coffee for each of our single origin coffee beans, so you don’t need to put the work in.

Firstly, however, it’s worth thinking about what flavours go with coffee overall, and why certain flavour profiles work with certain coffees. 

The concept of coffee having a flavour spectrum is fairly novel on the UK market. When we started taking our first consumer sips of the good stuff, the word ‘coffee’ was a flavour in itself. The concept of different types of coffee beans within it just didn’t exist on a popular market. And at first, with limitations in the bean types being shipped abroad, as well as only moderate demand, there was little need for different varieties of beans, let alone questioning what goes well with coffee. Fast forward to 2019, and things have certainly changed. We ship coffee from across the world to suit a range of customer requirements, and we recognise that different coffee beans have their own distinct flavour dependant on the climate they’re grown in, the soil type, the list goes on. This has left us with a very exciting spectrum of flavours to play with dependant on coffee differences. Is the coffee bold? Acidic? Fruity? Mellow?

We can then match that flavour profile with a sweet treat. Similarly, not only have we seen a huge growth in different varieties of beans being used but also in the milks that accompany them.

We also have a wide variety of options in the types of coffees we create based on the coffee making gadgets available on the market, before thinking about how to brew coffee once it’s in our kitchen. No wonder then, that with all these options available, we should enjoy the process of deciding what suits them best!

We’re assuming that with each of these examples you are wondering what pairs well with black coffee to savour the taste of the single origin. That being said, the flavour of each blend will still show through if you add a drop of milk.

Blind Byard – Coloumbia Supremo (Bright, lively)

In general we say the richer the coffee, the richer the desert (they can handle it). So with our brightest and lightest blend, we recommend a flaky pastry like a croissant. Any darker a blend and you’re likely to have your coffee overpowering your sidekick. Other pastries would work too, especially a pain au chocolate or even a morning brioche. This single origin is perfect for pour over coffee using the chemex, so give it a try.

King Canute – Ethiopia (Warm, Wholesome, Earthy)

For a blend that isn’t too strong, but still has a warmth to it, we’re going to recommend a gingerbread. Complemented the earthy nature of King Canute’s roast, a spicy but sweet biscuit recipe will complement beautifully. Our King Canute works wonders when using the french press.

Nanny Rutt – Brazil (Delicate notes of warmth)

The warmth of Nanny Rutt calls for the delightful biscotti. Traditionally baked with spices, the biscotti biscuit perfectly compliments the warm flavours of Nanny Rutt’s roast. Look out especially for those including fruit pieces or nuts which complement Nanny Rutt further. Another one of our single origins we recommend using the pour over with.

Old Mother Nightshade – Peru (Humble yet complex)

Nothing is more humble than the Biscoff biscuit. Yes, we mean the little ones you might get at the hairdressers/barbers. These guys might be small and simple, but the caramel flavour and crunch perfectly accompanies Mother Nightshade’s complexities. Plus, they are so small that you could absolutely get away with munching on half a packet! Our recommended brewing method with this coffee is the mocka pot, providing an intense espresso.

The Great Bell – Costa Rica (Fruit and chocolate notes)

With our most fruity blend comes our fruitiest recommendation: a slice of cherry bakewell, or cherry pie. Cherries themselves are frequent accompaniments to the chocolate notes that you will find in The Great Bell. This single origin we recommend brewing using the AeroPress.

The Lincoln Imp – Guatemala (Fruit, butters, sweet floral aroma) 

When your coffee is light and fruity, you don’t want to overpower it with more fruity flavours. That’s why a vanilla cheesecake works beautifully with the Lincoln Imp. The sweetness of this coffee cuts through the rich flavours of a cheesecake and makes you really appreciate the depth of flavour in your mid morning cup of joe. A great all rounder, this single origin is beautiful in many brewing ways. However, we tend to gravitate towards the chemex, v60 or AeroPress when brewing our Guatemala coffee.

Tiddy Mun – Rwanda (rich, full bodied) 

With the richest of the lot comes the richest desert: anything involving chocolate. If you’re looking for a cake that goes well with coffee, chocolate is your guy. A slice of warm chocolate fudge cake would go down swimmingly with Tiddy Munn, or if you’re short for time, an oreo or a bourbon would also do the trick.

In all of these flavour combinations, your best bet is to remember: the richer and stronger the coffee, the richer and stronger a desert that can cope with it. Remember that you’re trying to complement, not overpower. So go ahead and enjoy the festive season with a steaming cup of jo, beautifully complemented with flavour combinations that make you feel like all is right in the world!

This single origin is of higher quality and provides intense and complex notes. We recommend brewing out Tiddy Mun espresso style, so either using an espresso machine or the moka pot would work wonders.

Enjoy the best coffee at home

Hopefully by now you’ll have a good idea of the different speciality coffee beans we roast and what treats go well with them. Whichever brewing process you’re opting for when making your cups of coffee, we always encourage people to try new ways. And remember, always use coffee beans over ground coffee. Unsure on which coffee grinder to buy? We wrote an article to help you find the best coffee grinder for your needs 😉 

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