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Speciality Coffee
Our process for roasting coffee

When we select which coffee to roast, we go through a rigorous process in making sure that we’re sourcing our beans ethically. Over the years, we’ve built up relationships with co-operatives, which simply means producers get together, create a co-operative in order to have more buying power.

When we’ve decided on the beans and it’s been been given a speciality grade, we roast the beans, taste and then profile the coffee.

We’re proud of our coffee and we’re convinced you’ll love it.

Seven Districts Coffee

Learn the perfect brew
Find out how to brew your coffee properly

Roasting and selling high quality coffee is no good if it isn’t brewed right. That said, it doesn’t mean that brewing coffee has to be a lengthy and complicated process.

We’ve been writing guides in how to brew coffee the correct way, so if you’re wanting to learn how to brew with a chemex, or how you use the AeroPress properly, or prefer the French Press, we have you covered.

Over time we’ll be adding more guides, articles and resources, so be sure to check them out and share on social media – we’d very much appreciate that!

Aeropress Pour